ViaCAD Pro with a beta of PowerPackPro Build 1153


ViaCAD pro V9の最新ベータについてOlsonさんがフォーラムで投稿していた。
ViaCAD Pro with a beta of PowerPackPro Build 1153ということだそうだ。





Change Log 1153
• When a file fails to write due to permission, the full path is now displayed in the Alert dialog box.
• The Transform : Align tool now auto regens associative objects
• Join curve now highlights the resultant join as selected
• AI export now supports text outlines for 3D text (text not in top view)
• AI export updates when exporting while in hidden line display
• The Lathe Solid tool now correctly says “twist” instead of “draft angle” in prompt window
• FX & LT registration now save node name to reduce potential re-registerations
• The Mesh Bridge tool now supports bridging between triangles facets
• The Mesh Bridge tool now supports bridging between two edges
• Corrected issue with Mesh Booleans and normals
• Solid Extrude to Object now works with text
• Solid Lathe now works with text.
• Correction for mirrored meshes and bad normals
• The Work Plane now displays in the active draw view
• Selecting copied curves in draw views now highlight correctly
• Improved prompting for pre validating mesh to NURBS
• Graceful exit from damaged files when reading in Layers
• Prevent crash with Add Solid and booleans with instanced self
• Corrections for text and dimensions placed in bottom draw views
• Correction selecting meshes located far from eye/reference point
• Join surfaces now allows joining two meshes.
• Gripper correction for leaving faces selected for next command
• Updates for push pull leaving construction faces around
• Updates for push pull and signed distances
• Deleting the facet of an associtive mesh now turns off associativity.
• Corrected issue of polygons printing
• Corrected issue of filled polygons displaying in opengl 3d views
• Added checks for possible parallel snap crash
• Correction for FX & LT where sometimes you could not create text.

• PowerPack: Corrected issue aligning all mesh normals
• PowerPack: Flip One Facet improvements
• PowerPack: Merge Vertices improvements
• PowerPack: Weld Vertices option to weld two selected vertices
• PowerPack: Added new circle normal to curve for tracing
• PowerPack: Corrected crash related to Surface from Grid.
• PowerPack: Correction to show just facet normal, not averaged normal for show facet directions
• PowerPack: Keep normal forward when doing vertex shading overrides. improves surface normal & overhang tool.
• PowerPack: Added support for chain selecting mesh edges

でも、PowerPackってオプションだからViaCAD V10では別途購入しないと